Lets Talk About: Starting From November 5 Samsung Will Announces the Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge, Sales

Just as the popular saying goes ''No dull moment for researchers'' so is the case with mobile companies. Well is no more news that Samsung has discontinued the Note 7 series and, together with it, the company also removed one very popular color option that was exclusively available on this model: the Blue Coral.

But just like recent rumors have suggested, the Blue Coral is making a comeback on the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge lineup, and the company has just confirmed that sales of this new model would begin on November 5.
Samsung Singapore made the announcement in a press release posted on its website, saying that sales of the new model would start locally at $1,098, but pricing and availability for other markets are yet to be disclosed.
“Samsung today also announced the retail availability of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge 4G+ in Blue Coral, adding a stunning colour variant to this sleek and stylish device. Currently available in Black Onyx, Gold Platinum, Silver Titanium and Pink Gold, the new colour variant of the Galaxy S7 edge 4G+ features a refined design coupled with powerful functionality while encased in a cool blue hue,” the firm only said.
The fifth color version of the S7 edge
Without a doubt, however, the S7 edge in Blue Coral should make its debut in other countries as well, although the timing of this release is a little bit awkward given the fact that the S8 is projected to see daylight in just a few months.
Blue Coral thus becomes the fifth color version in the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge series, after Black, Silver, Gold, and Pink Gold. Most likely, the same options will be offered on the Galaxy S8 in early 2017 when the device goes live.
Other than the color, there is no difference between a Blue Coral and a Black Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, but given the fact that the Note 7 enjoyed quite unexpected success in this version, there’ll certainly be customers choosing it instead of the other four for the S7 edge too.

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