Lets Talk About: Based On Nougat Released For Xperia X New Sony Concept For Android

Just few days ago Sony announced the first Android 7.0 Nougat beta build for the Xperia X Performance, but that's not the only surprise the Japanese company has in store for its fans.
Today, Sony released the first “Concept for Android” build based on the Android 7.0 Nougat
operating system. The Concept for Android initiative was launched last year as a “crowdsourcing program” meant to maintain a close dialog with the Xperia community.
Since its launch, Sony released several Concept for Android builds for various Xperia smartphones, but the one announced today is the first based on the Nougat OS. There's one catch, though, it's only available for Xperia X smartphones, and in particular for the model number F5121 (single SIM).
According to Sony, the new concept includes “a sneak-peek at some of the latest features that will be part of future Xperia products.” As mentioned earlier, it also brings lots of the improvements and native features included in the Android 7.0 Nougat, such as multi-window support and better notifications.
Aside from that, the Japanese company confirmed the latest concept enables access to its inTouch community, so users will have direct access to Sony's software engineers and a chance to influence development and, why not, any future concept releases.
If you qualify for this concept, as in you own a European version of the Xperia X, then you will need to download the Concept Installer from Google Play Store and register in the app.
Within 24 hours, you should receive a software update notification which will allow you to install the latest Concept software on your Xperia X phone.
Keep in mind though that all user data will be removed if you install the concept, so make sure to back up any data that you want to keep prior to updating.
It's also worth noting that usually these concept builds are around 1GB in size, so make enough room before trying to install it.

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