Lets Talk About: Not Yet Confirm Samsung To Start Testing The Galaxy S8 in January

Indeed though is always like this. The Galaxy S8 saga continues with yet another rumor that claims Samsung will begin testing its flagship smartphone as early as January 2017. The information comes from the supply chain, so it might not be 100% reliable.

Earlier today we reported about another rumor that claimed Samsung could delay the Galaxy S8 launch announcement until April. That means that the smartphone will be unveiled only after the MWC 2017 trade fair.
Now since Samsung will start testing the Galaxy S8 in February, there's plenty of time for the company to announce the phone in February and make it available for purchase in March / April.
“Key suppliers are required to provide an initial batch of their parts for the Galaxy S8 from January. Full volume supplies with start in February,” told The Investor a rep of a parts maker.
Reports from the supply chain are confusing, as many believe that the Galaxy S8 announcement will be slightly delayed while others claim the phone's launch will go according to schedule.
“Considering the parts supplies, the phone launch could come in March as usual, unlike an earlier report by the Wall Street Journal,” said an official from another supplier.
One of the reasons Samsung is considering the delay of the Galaxy S8 announcement until April is the addition of a dedicated button for its unannounced yet Viv/Bixby AI digital assistant.
The Galaxy S8 is supposed to open a new chapter in the Galaxy S series, as Samsung plans a complete overhaul of the design. Innovative features, as well as high-end hardware backed by new technologies, should make the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco forgotten.
All in all, until Samsung confirms the eventual delay of the Galaxy S8, the flagship will be announced in February at Mobile World Congress 2017 trade fair, as previously schedule.

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