Lets Talk About: Now Available for Download Adobe Flash Player


Yet again Adobe has just released a new version of Flash Player that comes to repair security vulnerabilities that have been discovered since the previous update.

Although no changelog is available for the time being, because the parent company has just updated its servers with download links for the new version, Adobe Flash Player is a release that’s specifically aimed at patch security flaws, so customers are recommended to deploy it as soon as possible.
Adobe has synced its security patching cycle with Microsoft’s and given that today’s Patch Tuesday, the day when the Redmond-based software giant itself rolls out fixes for reported security flaws, it makes sense for this new version to be aimed at addressing security vulnerabilities in previous versions.
Google and Microsoft will also deliver the Flash Player patch through their own software update distribution channels, as both have bundled it into their browsers, so whenever a new version from Adobe comes out, companies have to deliver it to their users separately.
For the moment, this new version of Flash Player should be downloaded and installed by all users out there, while those who don’t want to perform this job manually can wait for Microsoft to ship it via Windows Update in a few hours. We’ll keep an eye out for a changelog for this version and will update the article when it becomes available.

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