Lets Talk About: Samsung Galaxy S8 Out Feature Smaller Bezels, 3-Coil Wireless Charging

Samsung at it again. Well this time rumors about the upcoming Galaxy S8 continue to roll over us like a tsunami. No day goes by without new information about Samsung's flagship smartphone to fuel the hype train. Earlier today we reported about the fact that Samsung will maintain the 2K display for the Galaxy S8 and now new info about the phone's screen emerged.

The latest reports claim Samsung has decided that instead of trying to reduce the size of the left and right bezels, it would more beneficial for the Galaxy S8 to have minimal top and bottom bezels. That will give users a feeling of an almost full-screen display, especially if the bezels will be thinner than Galaxy S7's.
Obviously, the Galaxy S8 will continue to use the dual-edge curved display, but Samsung is also said to take advantage of a new OLED material called M8. Thanks to this new material, the Galaxy S8 display will hopefully be more efficient and have improved lifetime.
Another interesting piece of information revealed today is the fact that the Galaxy S8 might also come with a dual-camera setup, something that Samsung hasn't included yet in any of its smartphones.
Also, since the Home button will be removed, the fingerprint sensor is likely to be integrated into the display, but the solution is very hard to achieve, so Samsung might decide against it if testing doesn't go well.
But there's more, as Samsung may opt for touch-based power and volume buttons to streamline the Galaxy S8's design even more. Another improvement that's expected to come implemented into the smartphone is support for 3-coil wireless charging.
The technology will allow users to recharge the phone much faster when using a pad charger because the are of contact between the plate and the Galaxy S8 will be slightly increased, so you won't have to keep the phone perfectly centered to enable wireless charging.
So, it looks like Samsung is really trying hard to introduce all kinds of new technologies inside the Galaxy S8. The company is also determined to redesign the Galaxy S series once again, so Samsung fans might be in for an interesting first half of the year.

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