Lets Talk About: Samsung Set To Launch 5.7-Inch and 6.2-Inch Galaxy S8 Versions to Appreciate Note Fans

In-case you still don't know believe me there's a big difference between Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series fans, it's not just the size of the display. The Note series offers a range of features that no other smartphone available on the market is able to deliver, which is probably one of the reasons its fans are so loyal.

Unfortunately, this year Galaxy Note fans did not have the chance to upgrade to the newest device in the series, or if they did, they only did it briefly since Samsung had to recall the Galaxy Note 7 twice.
That being said, it looks like Samsung wants to make amends and allow Galaxy Note fans to experience some of the features this series has to offer much earlier than expected.
As many of you probably know by now. Samsung releases one Galaxy Note phone in Q3, whereas the Galaxy S flagship usually launches on the market in Q1-Q2.
However, there's a new rumor making headlines, one that seems a bit far-fetched, so we strongly suggest taking it with a big chunk of salt. The Investor reports that Samsung has already made the decision to also mount a larger screen on the upcoming Galaxy S8 to make it more appealing to Note series fans.
Samsung is rumored to launch two Galaxy S8 versions with different screens: 5.7 inches and 6.2 inches, respectively.
While it's not unusual for Samsung to release two versions of its Galaxy S flagship (Galaxy S7/S7 edge have different size displays), a 6.2-inch display seems a bit overkill for a flagship smartphone that's not really meant to be a huge phablet.
Even if one of the Galaxy S8 variants will pack a 6.2-inch display, the source of the rumor claims the phone's size won't change that much thanks to its bezel-less design and the lack of a Home button, which will allow Samsung to make the bottom and bezel thinner.
Moreover, Samsung will drop the flat panel, so both versions will now come with dual edge curved display. The 6.2-inch model is likely to be called “Plus,” but a final decision has yet to be made.

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