Lets Talk About: Update Firmware Cisco RV130 and RV130W Routers Available Now


Finally just like they promise Cisco has rolled out a new firmware compatible with its RV130 and RV130W router models, namely version, which manages to implement support for Huawei’s E3276 USB dongle and resolve the random NAT dropping events.

In addition to that, the present package removes a bug that prevented some TCP traffic from passing through IPsec Tunnel, fixes VPN failures when remote peer IP is included in destination subnet, and makes sure IPv4 ARP entries can be deleted.
Moreover, version will disable UPnP by default, fix the DHCP server hung-up when opening a raw socket, and resolve the DHCP static page improper display. Additionally, it allows adding remote network in VPN Site-to-Site even when is used.
In terms of installation, first of all, make sure that your router’s current firmware package isn’t either newer or matching the present release, and only afterward save the downloadable file.
If all is ok, log into the unit’s web interface using the appropriate username and password, and navigate to the firmware upgrade section. Afterward, search and select the newly downloaded firmware file, and wait patiently as the router does its job.
That said, download Cisco RV130 Router Firmware or download Cisco RV130W Router Firmware, carefully apply it on your wireless device, and constantly check our website to be aware when a newer version is available for your unit.

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