Lets Talk About: Rolling Out to Compatible Devices BlackBerry OS 10.3.3

Finally BlackBerry has just pulled the trigger on the OS 10.3.3 update, which many fans have been waiting for. The new update is now rolling out to compatible devices, but it's not available in all countries yetAs some of you might already know, BlackBerry deploys new updates at this
magnitude in a staged manner, which means only a small number of selected users receive the update initially. In the next couple of days, the availability of the update will be expanded to even more devices.
The OS 10.3.3 was known to hit BlackBerry devices for quite some time, but no one guessed when exactly the Canadian company would bring it in the hands of users.
Well, according to the latest reports coming from CrackBerry forum users, BlackBerry 10.3.3 is now being seeded to those who own compatible devices. As mentioned earlier, it's not yet available in all countries, but the update should make it to all smartphones by the end of the month, or maybe even faster.
Keep in mind that this is a large download, so make sure you're connected to a Wi-Fi network before trying to update your phone to BlackBerry 10.3.3.
A couple of screenhosts recently published confirm that the OS 10.3.3 is a 1.6GB download, which means we should expect some major changes to be included.
Speaking of which, BlackBerry hasn't yet made any announcements concerning the update and no changelog is available for the time being.
However, users who have managed to capture the update found some interesting new features and improvements that we would like to mention as well.
First of all, there's a new anti-phishing setting in browser settings and new NFC (Near Field Communication) toggles in system settings. Also, the Android RunTime bug that prevented Android apps from fully uninstalling has been addressed.
The native Facebook application has been completely removed since the developers announced they would discontinue support for BlackBerry 10.
Sadly, there's also one known issue that's been mentioned by users, and that's the fact that SNAP (third-party Google Play) is broken.

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