Creating Content that Drives Lots of Traffic to your Site or Blog

If there is anything we need mostly as a blogger i believe is traffic, each and every day we keep asking ourselves what more can i do that i haven done that will increase my traffic, some say traffic is the blood of bloggers but i personal disagree with this i still believe content is the blood of blogger and below am going to
to show how you can use content marketing to increase your traffic everyday. Every marketers both the ones you know and the ones you don't know uses content marketing in one way or the other to increase their traffic and no blogger is exception to this. But to get the best result from your content marketing, there are strategies you must learn and consistently put in place. And without wasting of much time below are the steps you must observer.

1. First your content must provide value, of all we know you are the master of the inch you are into so we expect the best from you, no body loves to go a place where he will only spend his or her time with nothing to gain, the essence why people visit your site is because there believe you have something to offer, and not like some dailies that have only eyes catching headlines with a different story inside, don't ever practice this, it will back fire seriously. In the sense that readers will come for that first time and disappear never to cross your page again.

2. Be optimized for many keywords with lots of searches, some bloggers makes the mistake of this sometimes and blame it as a result of expert dominance, but far it's from the true, i believe you have written a wonderful content that is one the next step is to make use of  keyword researcher, of course i also believe you have already what you wants to name your content but won't it be nice to mix it up with most searched keyword in that way you are sure that your content will be more visible and also searchable. Let me give you example of what i mean here, sometimes users may be in need of your content but how to type it straight so they can easily land on your site becomes impossibly instead the search engine will end up showing them other site that have similar content and they end up there, but amusing you were able to mix the keyword definitely it will show up once a user type something that is related to it. there by promoting your content the more.

3. Have lots of quality backlinks, First you must you must understand what the meaning of baclink is and this will help you to take advantage of it. Well in-case you don't understand what i mean here backline simply means comment on other peoples site even on SEO, there are great advantages that you can get from this, one it help you attract more user's to your site, two it will help you understand and communicate with your audience the more. three it will help you build or create your own community. four it will help you promote your contents and be more visible, this are ways you can use backline strategically to promote your content.

4. Update; by update what i mean is that you should remain evergreen, as time goes on all you need to do is to keep updating your content that way user's will find your content ever new, what your content solve today might automatically be a problem or of no use to user tomorrow but updating that content with the latest and new ideas will keep those in need of it on the line. Of what use is there creating new content everyday when you have investment that only needs upgrade to keep fetching you the courage you need to continue.
This are strategies you can use to create your content and with it you will also drive a lot of traffics to your site. hope this my little work has been able to help you out, i hope to hear from you bye.

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