iPhone 6s with 12-Megapixel iSight Camera Upgraded is out

The much awaited iPhone 6s model is finally out, for weeks now the rumor has been everywhere online of what are expected of the new device, the Apple company have really kept to their words, honestly if you ask me i wouldn't say there is much about the device apart from the camera that was upgraded and also the

ability to use the phone now to record videos at 4K resolution, there are just few phones that can do that now and iPhone 6s has join the list. I also notice great improvement on the  face time camera it has now be upgraded for high quality videos and selfish shots added with front facing flash one of is kind. Still talking about the camera. The phone support HD resolution  with slow-motion video recording. The next thing they upgrade was the animation motion wallpaper, which now comes with jellyfiish multi-coloured butterflies with some kinds of flowers options. The wallpapers are well arrange  from sets of animated fish to that of pond coupled with colorful arrays of smokes. Then there is what they call soft touch technology, though am yet to find out more about it.
There was great improvement on the battery also, the device now comes with 2915mAh, coupled with the same 16gb, 64gb, and 128gb. The operating system is still Apple System, but the wireless system has be redesigned and is now powered by Qual-comm's Cat6. with LTE chipset.

For now this are the main changes in the new iPhone 6s as time goes if other new ones are added i will do my best to keep you update, till then enjoy the best of iPhone 6s.

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