Google have officially confirmed the name of the upcoming Android version as Marshmallow

The rate things are going now all companies are up and doing especially in mobile industry and our giant search engine Google is not smiling at all so today am going to review more about the new upcoming Android version as what Google call marshmallow  they have officially confirmed it though this would be the
third Android M develop preview and release by Google and they say is also going to be the last made available before the final build gets launched this summer. They have also introduce or official confirm the Android 6.0SDK that can also be open via Google play store. The next step will be to publish app that target the the new API level 23 in Android Marshmallow. They also said that the new and final Android 6.0SDK is also available for download via the SDK Manager in Android Studio The Android 6.0 SDK will also enable access to the final Android API and their latest build tools. Also the Android 6.0 SDK has new boot animation that serve like a home for the System UI Tuner, Wallpaper and Advanced App Management. The new advanced options to the application management setting which can bee found in the, Setting-Apps-Gear icon-Advanced is something to talk much on. You can now modify the system setting and the Battery optimization this will enable you to be grant permission to modify the system setting and also help you set an application to optimize it for more efficient battery consumption. though officially you can now download the the system image that supported some Nexus devices, like that of  Nexus5, Nexus 9 and even Nexus Player and you can download all of these device system image via Google developer preview website, though is only for Nexus as i said early. The true why i love this App is that first the supported Nexus device will receive what they call over the air update over the next few days. And other update as well though as time goes on if there are other things concerning this APP that i fail to mention here i will do my best to keep you update on it for now download and enjoy the new generation of Android.

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