Lets Talk About: Unlimited Free Browsing With VPN Betternet

Not too long ago i wrote a post concerning free browsing with Simple Server and another post on why i think free browsing have come to stay. So today am going to write more on why you need VPN app for your free browsing. But first allow me to inform you more on why you need this app more than any other
application on your phone. VPN applications are great ways in which you and i can surf the internet, with full protection, the app covers you well in a way you can't be track concerning data or information you are checking out online in other word if there are website that are blocked in your country or location with VPN app you can visit such website freely.

Thought some of this VPN app comes with in app purchase that really don't offer free browsing but with betternet all that story is a by gone, First on using the app you will notice one thing that your connection is stable. Though the app doesn't come with a tutorial leave that one to me i will personal show you everything on how you are going to set it up. and beside that the instruction and tips of the app can go along way as well.

Though i have also notice that once the network is low the connection will also cause your phone to run slower which if you ask me can be somehow annoying, but that is just sometimes. Then another thing is that you can't really tell the location of the server you are connected to or talk-less of the IP address of the server.

And like i said before the app is free, and you are not required to pay anything though you can be ask to join and is a volunteering basic that is if you like. But the app have also privacy policy details concerning everything about the app that might interest you to know.

This are all you need to know about this app and to download the app for pc CLICK HERE  and for iOS or Android user CLICK HERE and on how to configure it CLICK HERE and for username and password CLICK HERE to visit vpnbook or better still use (vpnbook as your username) and (8TehUcuT as your password) and start surfing till you are tired.

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