Test Your internet with Internet Speed Test Tool App


Browsing if you ask me is good and fun but browsing with low connection can be very very frustrating more especially when you have something important to browse, download or just that you are on the go. and over the years little or nothing have been really don't about it but today with introduction of Speed test apps the

story is now a different one, but first on using this app is always recommend that you check your internet connection on your phone just to make sure there aren't application that might take up too many resources and that will help the connection to perform as expected and the best way to achieve that is by using internet speed test and not just only that there are other features about this app, though there are no tutorial about this app but it has tips that even new users would find quite beneficial, one thing i notice is when you first launch the app you will have to pick from the classical and modern theme though you can still change it later if you want, and it takes a little while for the app to analyze your network connection once it finish that it will display the name of your internet provider, the IP address, and measurement parameters like the download and upload speed. And to be on a safe side is always good you read the instruction before performing a scan, or simple turn off all the application that are using internet connection, in that way you find out from there the nearest possible distance from your router that will help you in making sure that you are using the full speed as declared by your provider. Having say all that i believe is time you start enjoying fully internet speed on your phone CLICK HERE to download it

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