Maxthon Browser is out now download it and feel the advantage of having on your phone

Having a good phone is good but without the necessary App you are going to get tired of having such advice and even to get rid of such device will not be a mix at all so today am going to help you in one of the important App you need most on your phone. With the rate of network sometimes you may get frustratedly
trying to browse but the true is that you are yet to get browser that will stand it and make your browsing experience a joyful one. Over the years i have notice that one of the first thing people install on their phone once they purchase one is internet browser. Though there are many free reliable browsers out there if you ask me, But if you have not try Maxthon then i bet you are missing a-lot. There are many feature about this App but the ones i like most is first is very very lightweight, then talk of reliable and very very easy to use. On opening the browser you will notice that it opens directly with the home page though nothing like tutorial to show you how it operate or works but its layout is really that intuitive and you will learn everything about it fast. The settings are well arranged in a bar at the bottom of the page making them accessible any time. If you like you can scroll through all the recommended and your most visited websites you can as well add URL manually, it has newsbites section which features thumbnails with pictures and headlines of top events in several industries. The dark night mode background is another thing i love so much about this browser specially whenever the light is dim or out. Apart from that you can also add shortcuts of your favorite websites on the home page. Then you can also open multiple tabs at once thought the address bar at the top of the page is automatically hidden and that is to provides you with more screen space if you ask me, it also has a QRscanner feature on the toolbar just like UC browser. You also have option for bookmarking pages, download images, files, check your history, share pages with friends on social networks and also change font size. You also have option either to change the reading mode and there is a folder in quick search and the hot search keywords in the address bar i understand vary depending on your location. The sync tab is one of the things i love so much about this app it allow you sync your tabs and information in cloud to make it available on more than one devices that you may use that means you won't lose your browsing history again. And above all Maxthon has option to access game center from quick access page, so instead of typing all you need is to tab a website address and suggestion will appear a-lot of features is embedded in this browser and to DOWNLOAD IT CLICK HERE i really think is time you start enjoying your browsing experience with Mathon.

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