Android One with New Infinix HOT 2 Smartphone expanding more to Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Egypt, and Morocco.

A-lot have already been said about this phone from different angels but i chose to reserve mine until am able to handle the my phone myself though i was invited on the lunching day been 18th but i was very busy with other things so sorry about that nevertheless, i have the phone with me now so am going to list everything i
have been able to observe from the phone, what makes it specially from others and why Google is fast in distributing the phone from one country to another. First the phone has what i called perfect user interface browsing with this phone is like living inside internet, the way the phone improves users' experience when browsing is a especially feature i can't stop talking of. The Infinix HOT 2 packs decent specs for the price you pay if you ask me that is $88 outright. Another thing i observe is that the phone has two versions thought that one totally depends on the amount of RAM either 1gb or 2gb but the 2gb model is only available in gold for now while the one of 1gb is in different colors black, white, blue, and red. Then the operating system is ship with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop right out of box.  And from what i heard Google confirmed that the HOT 2 will receive an update to the next version of Android though they said is according to Infinix's schedule. And they also said that they are going to make the YouTube viewing experience much better that is by extending YouTube offline to Countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, and Kenya, within the next few months. Let me explain in-case you don't understand. With YouTube offline users like me and you can be able to store many of the videos on YouTube for up to 48 hours or more that will enable us to watch them later in-case we don't have internet connection sound great for sure it does if you ask me. Though this issue of YouTube offline was introduce nearly one year ago in India but today 6-7 more countries in Africa are joining the program though is only where Android one phone is sold and Nigeria is one of them. This are what i have been able to gathered from what i observe. And am promising that as time goes on if there are other new features i will keep you update on it.

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