BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition running on Android,

Quite sometime now it seen like the Canadian company BlackBerry was folding up but the honest true about the whole matter was that the company was very busy with their research and they are now back to show everyone what they have been able to put together during this period. The rate they are upgrading their

devices or phones are quite amazing and in my own opinion they are one of the company to reckon  with in times of mobile phone. So today i was able to have a look at one of their latest phone that drive people crazy, the rate everyone is talking about this phone shows that the phone have something more than specially, and am going to take my time here and analyst everything about this phone from what i saw, read, and heard, should in-case you are planning of buying this phone is good you read this post to help you understand exactly what you are buying. Of course you are aware that it was not long ago that BlackBerry released one of their latest phone
 Passport Silver Edition though the phone had a slightly different design, and another thing to note here is that the phone no more runs on its original software as expected that is BB10 but on Android but apart from that the phone bundle the same specs as the original Passport.
The 4.5-inch square display with 1440 x1440 pixel resolution was not change is still the same talk of the quad-cord Snapdragon or the 801 CPU clocked is still at the 2.2GHz. The 3gb Ram or 32gb of internal storage though can be expand via microSD card slot are all still the same. Though personal one thing i love so much about this phone is the feature of it13mp rear facing camera plus the 2mp front facing camera especially for those that love selfies or video conferences call, this device is specially made for you, here is a video to watch to know more about this wonderful phone. you can also use the comment box to alert me more on what you know about this phone thanks

For those who are in Nigeria you can get from Konga or Jumia better still take it from Amazon you can follow the three biggest online shopping mall from this my blog.

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