Why you need adsense in your site, and the best way to get approve form adsense


Adsense as we all knows is one of the biggest way bloggers or site owner earn money simple by monetizing their site with adsense. Though nowadays to give adsense is not that easy and most of the new blogger even makes the whole thing more complicate for themselves by violating some of adsense policy. And the easily
one is this issue of copying content be it from other people site, adsense hate this, be it post or picture or even video as an those who are planning of monetizing their video with adsense. It pays to create your own post, with that they will know where to place your site and the kind of content to display on your site, thought their target has a-lot to do with your content be it post or video. But the true is you can still make a lot of money with adsense and is not that hard to get approve from them as some think, let me educate you more on that before rounding up with the benefits of adsense. Do you really wants adsense to approve your account and stop all that stories of insufficient or others, this is all you need to do first recreate your blog, all that colors here and there are no really necessary leave your site with simple black and white. Create private policy page very very important with about us page if you don't have this forget applying for adsense they will never approve your account. If you don know how to do that concerning private policy Use This Site in matter of seconds your private policy will be ready. Then sit back and write twenty to thirty post no need of rushing you are still going to get there believe me. Once you have done that reapply for adsense, instead of sorry the story will change to congratulation, the next step is the issue of changing your blogspot to .com, .org, or .net though is necessary but please if you don't have money yet to pay for domain host do what i explained above and you will have different story to tell.
The next i want to talk about is the benefit you will stand to again from adsense if your account is approve, as we all know adsense display advert according your content, and believe me you can make money with every keyword or inche you choose to work on what really matter most if you ask me is the issue of traffic, is your content rich enough if it's then no need to worry again just keep post and also submit your site to SEO,  join some forums and social medias and keep advertising your site till you feel you  are now getting the amount of views you want, in-fact they will find you come because you have what they want. Though there are other things am still going to teach you about adsense, as you can see i don't use them i prefer affiliate marketing but all that will be on my next post till then nice blogging with adsense.

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