Grow rate of technology is fast increasing day by day

The rate at which technology grow these days is quite surprising, just within two years the growth have double if not four or five times. The rate companies now produce different device is spreading like wild fire talk of the automobile, telecoms, electronics, and a host of other companies are now compete on who is
going to take the upper hand. And from my point of view the race is just starting, let me give you an example of what am talking about on march 2012 i bought Nokia e5 of course over here at that time Nokia e5 was one of the biggest device if not best device one can boast of, and personality i was very very happy then for having one, but my happiness didn't last barely two months i bought that phone different companies produce something that is far far better than what i have.

Though the production of those new device wasn't my problem, my problem was that this new device were far cheaper, than mine and also faster with a-lot of different application. First i thought of going for swap but on my way i had a retaught so i decided to sit back with my Nokia and watch the drama unfold.

 Yet again under another two months another set were produce, and the funny part of the whole drama is if you are not the kind that have self control on beholding this new device you will think that these companies that produce this devices will not have anything to produce again, talk of the design, smartness, fastness, and other things that are included in them you will bite your finger and swear that there is nothing more to produce so long as that particular one you are holding is concern, not so fast just give that company one week or month and you will wish you never wast your money to purchase that particular device.

And these drama of increase or fast grow of technology is applicable to every thing that has to do with technology. and so long as the issue of research is still in existence i don see it stopping soon all you and i can do is to do our own research before buying and with that, contentment will go a long way in helping us to be happy with whatever we eventual decide to settle for. And that will go along in saving you money that you can invest in other areas of your life, while you build you success world.

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