Importance and vital role of mobile phone to everybody

The age of writing and waiting over a week to connect others have gone, and i mean gone forever. with the increase of different kinds of phone in the market now everyone can get a job of two or three days done in just couple of minutes. it doesn't matter the distance so long as there is network cover over where one stay
you are bound to enjoy the benefit to the full. Years past a-lot of people die out of unnecessary travel
unplanned just to meet some demand, all that ugly stories have change. Life are save with just a call, which to me is one of the most important aspect the of mobile phone. Security of life and property are now cover with simple call. the aspect of business transaction have tremendously change too.

Business are now book,, and transport with the help of mobile phone, buyers done necessarily have to meet the produces before buying goods all these protocol are forever cut. The age of our older men and women in the village looking for who will help them write letter to their relations is no more to be remembered, they now make calls share MMS, pictures and even make video calls too, and the social media have also made the issue of not having credit a thing of the past.

Information in American can be shared at the same time all over the world all because of introduction of mobile phone. the increase of different app have also contributed a-lot to the grow of the invention, Eg playing radio and listening to music are no more limited only when you are in your house or car, all that are covered now. Connecting with those you have not seen but in one way or the other they share the same ideology is now very simple.

And the true remain that what we can still achieve with mobile phone is unlimited. In every area of our lives we need phone to fulfill it or succeed, Student nowadays also use phone to do research, their parents use phone to keep in touch with them. their teachers use phone to communicate with both parties. And nobody is left behind, the joy of having a mobile if well understood is like having the whole world in you pocket. Of  how you chose to used it all depend on you, a-lot people i know today does their online business through phone.

Those doing offline business keep in touch with their customer through phone. Meeting are now held through conference call, anybody needs to travel to Canada just to witness even, the whole even can be sent to you through phone. No need of running back to take your sick ones to hospital the doctor can now be reach through phone. I strongly believe especial in my country that is very very hard to find somebody now without phone.

 In-fact some even go to the extent of having three just to show how important communicate can be and all these can only be achieve with the help of mobile phone, and if you have not gotten your own wish i believe is hard to find now please go and get it now who knows who will call you soon it may be a life changing call you have been waiting all through out your life.


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