Lets Talk About: How to browser free with etisalat and simple server

On my the other previous post i talk much about. Why Simple server and VPN are the best application for free browsing  And some are still finding it difficult to download or how to even configure it. Simple server am talking about today have already been configured your part is just to download it run it and start
browsing. Though the one i know very well is that of PC in due time i will get the one of phone for my friends who love browsing with their phones. So if you are ready with your with your PC lets scroll. First you need to subscribe for Etisalat chat pack as follows;

For Daily pack dial *200*3*3*1*1# and is cost #50
For weekly pack dial *343*5*6# and is cost #150
For monthly pack dial*343*6*11# and is cost 200
Thought i try that of monthly it wasn't going so i had to go for weekly but you can give it a try. Then
  Click on this file to  download simple server then extract the file on your desktop background or document just anywhere i could easily locate it. Then connect your modem, locate your Apn and change whatever name you have there to ''Etisalat''. Open the simple server you extract  and run it, please make is running, then configure any of your browser you which to use this way
proxy then port 8080  save it any start browsing till you are tired. And before i forget if you wish to download with you Internet download manager (IDM) use the above configuration for it. I hope you act fast and take advantage of this great opportunity for your online works. i hope to hear from you on any question use the comment box.

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thanks bro it works i have been browsing since morn all kudos to you dear

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