Why Simple Serve And VPN are the Best Applications on Free Browsing

Over the years especially here in Nigeria, we spend a-lot of money on browsing, and if you are the type that love watching movies online, downloading or just that you love browsing, doing your research  i believe if  you have one day sit down to calculate the money you have spend on browsing you may even find  it difficult to
believe, but that is just the reality. personal since 2005 i started going to cyber cafe to browsing i know what i have pass through. Talk of the time i bough my phone sometimes i will recharge to browsing, but on opening the homepage of the site i want to visit the whole thing will stuck there, i will have to wait and wait until it will occur me to check my account balance, since the network signal is full, on checking my balance, to my greatest surprise my balance will be 0.00 the next step for me will be to call the network customer care. And as usually they will promise me that they are going to look into it and as much as possibly refund me my money. But because their system is down now the whole thing will be tomorrow, so in such situation if i done have money again to buy card that day of browsing is over. And over the years though things have improve but all the same is still the same story. But with the introduction of VPN, and Simple Serve all that of unnecessary charges is now a by gone stories. With simple serve now one can browser at his or her will with little or on charge. Downloading of content is now made easy also, and those that love watching movies online now have testimony to give. the creation of these application i believe was born out of frustration from all this network providers. Personal i browser at my own will with the help of simple serve at no cost, in-fact i browser, download, and watch movies, all thanks to simple serve.And whether the network providers like it or not simple serve have come to stay. So if you are my type that can't do without internet while not download simple serve today and enjoy unlimited browsing.

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