Lets Talk About: How You Can Make $10-$15 Everyday From YouTube

There are many ways you can make money from the internet, but today am going to teach you one sure way you can make $10- $15 everyday from you-tube. Please before i forget, this is not a get rich quick tutorial or any of such, but a sure way you too can be making small money from online everyday. The rate you-tube is
growing everyday is very surprising, and people all over the world in one way or the other help in contributing this fast grow, and the true remain that as you-tube is growing, establishing so also the opportunity bound in it grow, and luck you today am going to teach some basis on how you too can also take advantage of this opportunity and earn small portion from it. Though 10-15 dollar everyday is not that much but it can go along way even if is just to recharger your phone or just pocket money is okay.
1. So first you need to have gmail after you have open one go to profile picture and put your picture there or any picture you like but is always good you put your own picture there.

2. With the same password you use in opening your gmail, just scroll down or by the right side of the site and click sign-in to you-tube, but if still can locate it just type you-tube on the address bar and click enter or search, it will take you direct to you-tube home-page then click enter. So now you have successful sign in to you-tube.

3. Scroll to the you-tube trend click on it to see latest videos both music, movies, carton and even pictures or game. But lets concentrate more on music and movies. Remember those movies could be show, news, or events.

4. Click on those movies one after the other to download them, if you done know how to download from you-tube, is simple just add ss in front of you-tube, example is let say you want to download www.youtube.stevespact.com just add ssyoutube.stevespack.com choice the format you want mp4, flv, 3gp, or any other format you want to download.

5. Then find a way to record the content back, you can play it on your computer and record it with your phone. then let say the name of that content is eisteve2015, rewrite this name like eisteves of 2015 after you have uploaded it, put the name you rewrite on it.

6. Now you need to do this like twenty time before you monetize them with adsense, and you need to be adding like two videos or one every day on it.
7. Now this is how to monetize you-tube content to save you time, on your you-tube dash-board or homepage, click on the pop down menu, scroll down to my channel, click on my manager, then click on channel setting, with capital letter, scroll to features down to monetization click on enable it will take you to another page there click on enable my account, there agreement page will apply click on or check the box, i have read and agree to the term above.

With the other two boxes, then fill the adsense page well with your personal information make sure the information you put there are accurate. Or better still once you are on the dashboard click on my channel- video manager-channel settings-features-view monetization settings-how will i be paid-assoiate an adsense account to your you-tube account in order to be paid-next-sign in with your gmail account-and fill your personal information.

With this method you will be getting 3000 to 4000 views and $10-$15 everyday, and from there who knows as time goes the money will continue to in-crease.


Interestinally post,tried to practicalise it cos i got an approved google adsense account but couldn't really understand the no 7 part where you mentioned a drop down box.Kindly make it more explicit...my mail teeflyin@gmail.com.

If you already have approve adsense then just skip no 7 thank u

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