Learn how to blog your way to success

Blogging as we all know is not what it's use to be before, then few that were into it were doing it to create awareness, passion for what they love and above all idea of communication. Today the story are no more the same everything have change, due to economic meltdown some are now into blogging just because they read
success story of a blogger with out sitting down to read how those bloggers started, thought having say that there are some that still understand what blogging means and are not into it to make profit but to meet people need and there-by success follows them where ever they go or where ever they stand to talk. Now for the sake of those that are new to blogging or tired because their expectation have not be met am here to help you, and above all make your story a successful one.
1. Before you start blogging, blogging is like business you are trying to venture into you must ask yourself what you are good in or you love doing, forget about the prosperity of the other person because he's importing goods you may import and fail. so choose what you love if is just sitting down to watch movies no problem so long as you love it that is the first step.
2. Ask your-self does people around me have need concerning watching movies, where to get this movies what and what is one going to learn from it, is what you love so you are better off to see great opportunities that many haven't seen. Now since you know where to get this movies how to sit and watch this movies maybe one hour apart, or just 30minus apart, what one is expected to learn from this movies, then you are good to go.
3. You must have patience, not everybody will buy your idea at first but that shouldn't discourage you is what you love and you know better what you are talking about, and i bet you they will later buy the idea if you continue.
4. Now since you are the captain of this ship try as much as possible to break everything down in a way your readers will easily understand it, am not saying big grammars are not good but you know your target customers please i use the word customer here to help you understand what am trying to say. Grammar a doctor use in running his or her blog will not necessarily be the one a teacher of primary school will use in running his or her blog just to show she can, she will end up sending her customers away, which i know is not what she wants.
5. Contribute positively to other people's blog that deal similar with your own or that have some thing to do with your aspect, the idea here is not to steal if you allow me use the word (steal) other people customer but to help and once you provides good answer to some of the yearning they will from time to time check on you.
6. Lastly try and sign up with some of this social media, and forum. just anyhow you can to make sure you are reaching out well to your customers and gaining new ones. And please try as much as possible to answer your readers inquiring even if is inconvenience for you in that way they will have sense of belonging, and will always do as much as possible to keep in touch with you. This are the basics one to help you succeed and enjoy your time blogging.
If there is any other thing you feel like asking me use the comment box and the answer will be provided success to your blogging.

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