Installing Windows 10 on Your Mac system learn how to do it here

The recent release Windows 10 operating system is really making waves from one corner to another and even other companies can't stop praising Mircosoft  for this wonderful invention, though Apple companies are also busy releasing one app to another which if you ask me is also good for the grow of our system,
haven said that today i want to show you on how you can install windows 10 operating system on your Mac computer, you have your reason of doing it so do i. Remember that the boot Camp 6 update is also available now via the Mac App store application, of course you know is only for Mac users. The OS X 10.10 Yosemite operating system am talking about includes OS X10.10.1 to 10.10.4 and of course the recently released one that is 10.10.5.

.But i discovered something more on the Boot Camp 6, i mean some attractive new features for those that are using Mac, the good news is that Mac now support microsoft windows 10 operating system with the help of USB-C compatibility especially on the 12-inch MacBook Retina the one of early 2015, and also Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 and can even support Apple USB Superdrve,  though if is in-built is far better, but if your own does have is okay you can as well use SD or SDXCcard slots even that of Apple's trackpads mouse, and keyboards devices. Or let me just conclude it simple if your device is Intel-powered Mac computer, the New Boot Camp 6 software support almost all of them. 
So this is how is been done first and foremost Update your Boot Camp utility to version 6 via the Mac store After you must have connected your USB mouse and keyboard and make sure your ISO image or a DVD disc of the windows 10 operating system are all ready as in they are well connected. And you need flash drive of 16gbor higher and at least 30gb of free space on your hard disk, to create that you need to use your usb bootable medium from the Windows 10 ISO. 
Next is to fire up the Boot Camp assistant application, and follow the display instruction diligently, now the app will automatically partition your hard drive, and  quickly prompt you to insert the newly created Windows 10 USB stick, 
Now after that the Boot Camp Assistant will automatically restart your computer booting your computer into the Windows 10 installer. Choose the BootCamp partition for the windows 10 installation and click format, then follow the on screen instruction to computer the process. 
Once you are through installing it, you can now easily switch between booting into OS Xor Windows 10 via the Yosemite's startup disk preference panel or better still from the Boot Camp system tray item in windows. And there you have it is as easy as ABC once you have all the necessary items needed which i believe is still the same thing you use everyday. But in case you encounter any err don't wast time to alert me through the comment box and once i post it here solution will be provided.

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