Safe guard your phone with the latest Lock applications App Lock

Nowadays if there is anywhere we love storing information about things we love most, both personal and events is in our phone but sometimes without proper safe guarding this information or data people we give our phone can easily tamper with this data and a-lot will eventual go wrong. So to achieve this we need app
that can lock this info either with password or alternatively, though personal i prefer app reason that it block access to my most private information.  Though Google play store is filled with all sort of lockers that you can download freely but among them the one i love most is App lock, but i notice that the App doesn't work in all device. One thing i love about this App is that it launch with a very comprehensive tutorial, so whether you are using it for the first time you can easily set it up, the tutorial shows you how you can lock access to your personal information and applications, but first you need to set a password you can easily remember to lock applications, but i must confess that the app is really intuitive, once you finish installing it, launch it and it will open with a list of all applications installed on your phone, tab on the ones you  wants to lock and that is all.
No matter how you like try the app will never open unless you type in the password which you must tap on enter in order to launch it.

Now to make sure you are protected, the app lets you hide the icon from the home screen and app drawer and this is the most interesting feature i love so much about this app, in order to access this app lock again you will need to call ##Password** on your dialer and the app will popup like magic just like that, of course i know you really want this App CLICK HERE to download it and unwanted element gaining access to your private data love you.

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