Weather Alerts for Android and iOS updated with Rain and Snow Via yahoo weather app

For many days now the weather have appears to be confusing me, like in the morning it seen like is going to rain, and if you are not so determine about what you have set out to do you might be confuse either to wait or go along with your rain coat, but before 10am everywhere will be shining, and sometimes the rain will
eventually fall, especially the day you fail or forget to carry your raincoat, and the whole thing make me sick. so for days now i have been searching for something to help me out especially information concerning weather and am here to testify that my search paid off. My search coverei was busy searching through the Google play store i came across this yahoo weather app that was evend from one point to another but at long last Yahoo Weather app was all i needed to keep me alert, while updated recently i decide to download it and boy the app was all i really needed. At first after installing the app, it takes it 15 minutes to alert me before rain even start to fall, and when i say 15 minutes i mean accurately 15minutes, the app zoom in on microclimates  and to install it is not that hard, all you need is to follow the on screen instruction, and that is all, and since is on play store i believe is available worldwide, so no matter where you live, is time you take advantage of this app and prepare before going out.And another thing is that the app is also available for iOS user so no one is left behind on this, so if you are using Android phone at-lest Android 2.3.3and up i think is okay log-in to Google play store and download it or better still CLICK HERE, an for iOS user you can log-in to App store and download it from there or CLICK HERE and to download it but i also think your iOS should be 7.0 or later that will be better. So now that you have the app that will help you concerning weather i think you now have enough time to grab your jacket, rain boot, or even your umbrella before going see you later bye.

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