Why you must Update Microsoft Office Apps for Windows 10


To me is like everything concerning this windows 10 has already been develop before the window was even launch just few days ago their 3rd version update for windows 10 was publish and today they have already started shipping out update for Microsoft office, and if you fail to come along as fast as they go you might
end up missing a-lot. So without wasting much time am going to update you on why you need to update your Microsoft office to the latest update. Though it was even this morning i got the alert from them to update my, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, but they made it clear that it was only for those using windows 10, and the update didn't even take time as i expected i only log in to their store download the update and that was it as fast as that. But i also notice a-lot from the update, first it fix some bug i was experiencing on Excel and also enhance the performance of the general app. I so much love this new operating system (Windows 10 ) every thing about it works like magic you really need to update your device to this windows so you can also enjoy great benefits like this one. And am even expecting more update from them soon, remember that this is not the first early this year they shipped out early versions of the new Office but i didn't download that one because it was optional, but this very one they shipped will not only be enjoy on PCs alone but also on smartphones running Windows 10 Mobile, and i believe they are really trying to bring their devices together. So if you are still using the old version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint you need to update because you failing to do so will amount on you missing great features. To update your WordExcel, and PowerPoint. click on each of them and your app Microsoft App will continue shinning again.

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