Transfer files from Android device to any computer web browser over the air without UBS cable

Without wasting much time am going to go straight to the point, the aim of most of this app am recommending to you is just simple to make you life a stress free one, and today i have gotten another one that will blow your mind, is not Bluetooth, not flash-share in-fact is even more superb than the two mentioned
above, the age of using your USB cable or waiting century for your important to transfer from your Android to your computer is over, a simple but might app is all you need and that is AirDroid. This app allows you not only to wirelessly transfer your files, but also to manage your Android device from a web dashboard, and believe it or not is really and at the end of the post am going to provide you with a link on where you can download it and enjoy a stress free life.
First to use this app let say your phone and computer are connected to the same WiFi network, open the  webpage in your desktop browser and then scan the embedded QR code with your phone camera and there you are as simple as that.
Secondly let say you sign up with them that means you now have account with them now, any where you like be provided their is internet connection there you manage your mobile device from there. Everything about the app takes place on the web dashboard.
Once you finish installing the app you will discover that the interface is similar to that of a desktop operating system and it also have icons, and it doesn't matter the operating system you are using is very simple to install and use, the learning curve is minimal. And you can freely move windows between the desktops in order to prevent clutter. The app is fully featured Android manger and puts all the functionality you need at your fingertips. First is that you can view your SMS, and call logs, from the web dashboard, secondly; you can also use your computer keyboard to compose messages, thirdly; you can view your contacts, your media files, change ringtones, shoot photos using your smartphone's camera. Forte; you can push URLs to your mobile phone, share clipboard contents, change the themes of your phone, and even reply WhatsApp texts directly from within the app. Even if there are no more features this alone should convince you about this wonderful app but am not true yet.
The app allows you to locate your device on a map and from there you can easily wipe all the sensitive data this is wonderful assuming you lose your phone or they stole your phone. 
To help you manage things easily the app comes with a file browser that you can be use to manage files on your smartphone and also transfer files from your Android to your computer, even to backup files.
Like i said before the dashboard is where everything happens and that includes your information concerning your battery level, signal strength, and as well as free storage space.
The app support tethering meaning with this app, you can share your internet connection with others, using it to turn your Smartphone into a WiFi hotspot that allows others devices to connect to internet. What more do you need from app that is not embedded on this app so if you are ready to enjoy the unlimited possibility of AirDroid CLICK HERE to download it love you all.

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