Microsoft have Created Keyboard That Integrates an E-Ink Touchscreen

Microsoft Applied sciences department  are not really smiling at all, in-fact without a shadow of doubt i can really say they are one of most busies company in the world, just in 2012 they release the very first surface RT tablet, and now they are creating what they call revolutionary keyboard, extra ordinary device that is mix
with keyboards, and touchscreens in a single form, and they called it DisplayCover, the very essence of this device is that a keyboard is integrates a display to make it easier for all who wish to type and perform number of gestures by simply touching the cover.One thing you can't take away from this device is that the features are much, for example the tool settings really don't need to be display on the screen, you can easily change the settings straight from the keyboard, which if you ask me is not only easily but especially , faster and cool, when it comes to productivity. Thought they decided to use an e-ink touchscreen for this device simply because this way the battery life will be much better, knowing fully well that a full color touchscreen would have a big impact on the battery life. So going for e-ink is much better now till they are able to find a better way to power managing mode.

The device is a peripheral cover designed for compact touch-enabled laptops. A tactile keyboard affords users with the comfort and ease of use provided by physical keys unbelievable right but is true.
The thinfilm e-ink display with a resolution of 1280x305 pixels extends the available screen real estate of the slate device by up to 8%, basis on the Microsoft surface i guess Pro 2 with a 10.6, 1080p, 208ppi screen though i decide to chose this display, having full knowledge of bistable nature of Electrophoretic ink, and the will also reduce the secondary screen's impact on battery life. Trust me i was able to get a video clips of this device CLICK HERE to view it 

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