The Reality And Possiblility Of Blogging And Making Money

Obviously am happy today very very happy, and because of that i have decided to share with you some tips on how you too can also make money from your blog, for sure whatever you do nowadays you need blog to keep you customers inform and also learn from others but in-case you don't have a blog CLICK HERE  to
learn how you can start one is very simple, without technically inclined, this was how i also started mine without much help from anybody but here you have me you can always call on me in-case you have problem
and am sure solution will be provided.

Haven say that lets move to the next level believing you have successful set up your blog is time to draw from your expertise and experience to write informative posts and articles about your chosen topic or inch, though this is one of the foundation of how far you can go as a blogger, but i got some ideas on how you can apply this this information to work.

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Here we assume you are the master of the topic you chose please no copy and past here just be cool with what you have, you can always make money more than you expect on any inch you chose provided you know exactly what you want. like i said before assume you are the master of the inch you chose, in writing your post try as much as possibly to make it look excellent, informative, and interesting.

The reason behind this is to keep your readers coming back for more, knowing fully well that you need them (your readers) to make money though it  will be while before you start seeing an income. But if you have been promise or inform alternative kindly close this post now and follow it am not into that get rice quick lane.

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From my many years of experience on internet matters am yet to see where that get rice quick works apart from yahoo yahoo guys which don't even last and am not here to tarnish my image on things that doesn't last. Inasmuch as i know you are going to make money even beyond your expectation from online it takes time to see it rolling in.

Now that you have created your first content or post its time to maintain or start building genuine and cordial relationship via social media with your readers and one of the best ways to achieve that is to start commenting on forums, group page and the likes, reach out to people in your niche, look for people who needs the information you are creating or posting.

Get to know them, interact, and above all, be friendly and helpful by offering no-strings-attached tidbits of your expertise when you can this will go along way to show them how much you care about them and really want them to succeed.  And it will also help you establish a reputation of being trustworthy and generous. And another thing is without you pushing yourself out no one knows you exist, and that will make it difficult for you to get visitors, and most of this visitor will in turn help you succeed in future. 

Since you now have visitors its time to grow more in your knowledge of your craft so the content you produce on your blog gets increasingly great, make your blog a kind of domain,  where you have authority over issue concerning your inch, this will make your blog gain more exposure. And even make more money for you knowing fully well that most of the money you are going to make online doesn't come directly from your blog.

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Meaning your blog is just like your digital home once people get to trust you, you can from there launch your other project that bring in income such as, Audio/video content, books, speaking and other products you might still have.

Lets assume your blog here have gain the needed trust, Now is time to think about making money with it, please never dive into monetizing your blog on the onset of your digital home that will damage the good reputation you really need. There are numerous ways bloggers make money. Each blogger if you ask me has a different combination of income streams.

The very true about making money from blogging is that there is no right way to make money from blogging and this is the part i love so much about blogging. In-fact if you ask me i believe there are endless possibilities on income streams so to be a successful blogger you need to explore new ways to make money and the key to succeed

here is to have multiple streams of income, even those little change from various sources over time can really add up if you maintain it. And the ones i enjoy most are this five ways, Services, Digital Products, Affiliate Marketing, Advertising, Physical products. Though there are other ones you can still add up but this five works for me, and as time goes on i will teach you about each and everything you need to succeed on this five. Till then enjoy blogging. 


This is a good guide for a complete beginner.

I'm one of those people who don't mind starting to monetize your blog from the beginning. The only reason I would not do that is if I think Google may not value my blog as much with ads on it. But I feel that if you have targeted traffic and you want to make money advertising to your visitors there is not reason not to advertise right from the beginning. You don't want people to turn away from your blog once you put ads. But if they find the ads there and still join then you no there is no issue with that.

I totally agree with you Jasmin, and like i said different ways for different people thanks so much for keeping us update with that your little info am sure many will learn much from it also appreciate.

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