StrongRecovery Portable very efficient potable application helping you to recover any lost data from memory cards, flash drives or other devices

Every now and then there is possibility that things might go wrong with our little devices such as our Pad, Phone, Computer, Camera, or Mp3 and once that happen we may end up losing things that took us years to have and even those applications we bough online, the rate some programmers are designing virus nowadays
is very high and one needs to be very careful on the kind of site or content you open online some of this site are very harmful, but the big question here is for how long are we going to continue been careful, Some of this virus are well package that you may even not notice their present till the damage is almost done. So today am going to introduce you to one of the best tools to use in-case you some how delete or lose some content in your device, there is no need to worry again with this app you can easily recover all of them provided you are still with device or the memory card. Even if the content was in hard disk drive within a seconds of installing this app you will recover everything. Restore that your favorite image, music, videos and other important document within seconds. And this is how it works for the first time you install this app you can choose one of the recognized drives or partitions then let the app to detect all the lost files, then it will bring out a small floating window at the right side in order for you to choose only the files you want to view in the main window then once it finish scanning you are able to save the files to your computer. Another important feature about this app is that is support for multiple file system types such as NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, EXFAT and even HPFS and you can even use it with any drive or partition you want irrespective of the output format that your files have, you can easily recover encrypted, protected or even compressed data don't doubt me am using it and i know what am talking about. For me i strongly believe that StrongRecovery Portable remain the best because it enable me to easily recover my lost or accidentally deleted files folders and other app, so i have nothing much to worry about so long as is also portable meaning i can carry it anywhere i go and recover whatever it's that i may have lost during the process. To get the app CLICK HERE and start recovering every files you might have lost.

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