Use Nero' to backup data stored on your phone

Few days ago i wrote a post concerning how you can recover your lost data using StrongRecovery Portable and today am going to put you through on how you can back up your files using Nero. Understanding the fact that people love to store a lot of information on their mobile device it's only normal they do wish to back
up data as to keep it protected and to make room for more files and ensure that they are all save. Though i have seen a lot of them online but only few offer real protection and free space but am yet to see one that offer free space up to 5gb like Nero in the cloud or the option to backup data on PCs or SD cards, Nero allow you to pick what kind or type of files you do like to backup to your online cloud account either from contact, messages, call logs, system settings, music, photos and videos. And since is a large file it takes the app a while to upload data in the cloud so you really need to exercise patient here, but once you are through backing up your information, you can access it from any device anywhere anytime. First the side menu let you browse through the files that you have uploaded it may even play the videos and audio tracks or display pictures to make sure they are well save. But one thing i notice about the app is if those files you want to backup are in your computer you can use WiFi connection it make it easy and faster. And to make things easily you can even set it on automatic backup using WiFi  that way it will save you time and energy, so before you start crying had i know use Nero today to backup your important files and to get the file CLICK HERE  and start backing up you files

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