Lets Talk About: Free browsing for the month of September

I must first start by apologizing for posting this post late, today is 4th already and yet some of my readers still can't browse free. well i promise by time you finish reading this post your story will change for good. Free browsing for September is for all devices from jave- iOS every one of them is included here, sometime ago i
wrote a post concerning Etisalat free browsing with simple server well in-case you fail to read it, you can to do so the free subscription is still on, but if you don't want just continue reading, so without wasting much time below are the free browsing subscription for the month of September.
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Here am going to start with Airtel, from what i read from their website confirm by other bloggers who claim they are still using it up till today. Airtel has partnered with payporte essence that they want all Nigerians to enjoy free browsing for six months and is not good you miss out from this, and this one doesn't need and configuration just visit www.webpass.opera.com and download opera you can start browsing from there, though it fail to browse on my own but others claim they are using it so if you are using Airtel why not give it a try and tell me if your own works.

The next one is MTN  the true about this network is that they have much to offer in terms of free browsing but am going to take them one by one, first is the Mtn Bis with simple server and open vpa  it works well on Android, iOS, and PC device, but i found out that those that are using Android must have to root their device to enjoy the best of this service, The package have the one of  BBMID and BBLited this two gives 5gb daily, weekly or Monthly, all you need is follow here to download simple server extract the main folder on your desktop, load 100Naira on your Mtn line sent MIDIDI to 21600 once you are activated, remove the Sim from your phone to your modem, connect it to your PC edit your browser as follow APN= web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net your password and username should be=web then set your proxy to and port 8080
With this setting you can start browsing and downloading as you want in-case you want to use your IDM use the same proxy setting and port
For those with And click here to download simple server for Android install it on your phone.
Create a new APN on your phone and use the same setting above. Then edit your simple server it as follows
Proxy hosting=
Proxy port=8080
Injection method=get
Injection querry /url:= http://web.blackberry.com
Injection host= web.blackberry.com
Injection line= press your enter key four times
Log level=debug
Close and connect, and start browsing
To subscribe for BBLITEM monthly dial *216*3*3#
For weekly dial *216*3*2# and
For daily *216*3*1#
For those that are using Etisalat click here to learn how you can set it up. Glo they have actually reduce their data chargers 1gb now goes for 1000 Naira and others.

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