MTN Free Browsing With VPN And Psiphone

Yesterday i wrote a post on how you can browse free of charge in this month, but i fail to include how you can also use Vpn and Psiphone to browse free as well, so if you are still finding it difficult to browse with simply server i think what you need next is just to download VPN or PSIPHONE. The really idea here is
that i don't want anybody to left behind, as you know Vpn works well on PC, Android, and iOS so you have nothing to complain anymore is all free, and if you are ready below is how you are going to set it.
For those that are using Android and iOS kindly visit playstore/ Appstores to download it from there, while those with PC can CLICK HERE to download it, once you finish downloading it CLICK HERE to learn how you can configure it, you are permit to use any of them you like,should in-case you encounter any difficulty concerning the username and password you can CLICK HERE to have one. Now i believe you must have finished configuring it all you need now is just import the file connect and enjoy wonderful uninterrupted browsing. 
The next one is for those that are comfortable using Psiphone to browse all you need is just to configure your Android this way.
First download the application just CLICK HERE to download it, once you finish launch it and configure the application like this,
Proxy server; then leave the real host, no need of changing it, just save it and go to more option select HTTP and use the following setting and 8080 for the port then select USA save and start browsing till you are satisfied. Remember to use Mtn-bis for both in-case you don't know how to do it is very simple just chose the one you like from below.
To subscribe for BBLITEM monthly dial *216*3*3#
For weekly dial *216*3*2# and
For daily *216*3*1#   There you are if you still have any question use the comment box thanks all, as you enjoy your free browsing.

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