Step by step on how to research your blog post

Finally you have finish creating your blog and are launched, and the next step is to start writing post there, something to help keep your readers busy and interesting. Of course at first, you may think this aspect is something you can just pick your computer and write whatever you want, since you are into that inch and
search engines to easily make your post available, or rank high, went a related topic like that are been search for.
you know a-lot about it. Thought this is true but there are some step’s you must observe if you truly want to show your readers that you are a professional in that inch. Secondly it will help

Conducting research is an essential part of writing quality blog content. To be a credible industry expert, you need facts, figures and stat, to prove your point. So with wasting much time am going to show you simple four steps you can easily take to make your post rank high and at the same time show professionalism. Though doing research for your blog post can be time consuming more especially, when you don't know where to start but I have cut the whole process into pieces to enable you get your blog post ready on time without must stress.

 Since the internet is already fill with different article relating to what you wants to write, is good you first do what is called system capturing, which won't take much time. System capturing is just a way you take a look at other necessary factors that you can include to make you post stand out, which includes .The link to the content, thought there are ways you can include this later that is if you want. The next step is the title of the content, which I will later show you on how you are going to do small research about it. Follow by The exact keyword phrase or phrases. Or you can simply use this keyword tool to do all that.

The essence of related keywords is also included. Coupled with amount of engagement, such as social shares or comments and then talk of back-links from other sites to the content. All this are not really necessary but the reason I do encourage you do it, is simple to make sure your blog post stand out. In-case you are not ready for this I believe there is one you already have in mind to name your post simply go ahead with it or mix it up with some research keyword and you are done with this section.

Now that your topic is ready, I believe the body of the post also is ready, no really much here. All you need to do here is simply get some research keyword tools, there are some words you wants to use on your post for eg ''instead of writing post I will simply write blog post''. Do a keywordresearch with some of the words you wants to use, use the result you obtain from these words on your blog writing, more especially the long tail ones that way your post will be included in every search users make concerning such topic, but please be careful here not to put unnecessary keyword you can be punished for it.

Now I believe your post is ready, but wait please don't post it yet without doing validation. Just like I say before there are a-lot of content online that are similar to what you have now.  do a validation, or in a simply form, check some words or things on those content that made them rank high with this tool, get these items and include it on your own, but remember to stick with the way your readers knows you, and try to check if your readers even care about such content.

 If yes then you are good to go but if no it means is simply going to be a waste of time. You can also use Google related keyword here to check the chance of that your post ranking high, if the result shows positive then it means you have a story provided you are able to observe these steps I mentioned above every of your post will always stand out among others. Remember the best way to do this is to add exponentially more value to your reader than anyone else has previously. And your post must have target which is simply to solve problem your reader’s encounter. So is time you turn things around with your post.

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