Best Five AdSense Alternatives To Make Money


Google Adsense as we all knows is one of the best advertising network that allows a pay-per-click advertising model. Back then when the program was first launched it was very easy to be accepted by them no matter the kind of website you have, so long as you have rice content therein. Or do i say so long as you
have content, and within one week everything is over. Today the story have and is still changing up till now.

For one to be accepted into their program nowadays your website must comply with their program policies from A-Z and you must make sure you adhere to their Webmaster Guidelines. And failure to do so simply means you are not ready. There is no short cut to this anyhow you like try they will still deny you your application. And above all they are against websites that have copyright contents or those ones that have selling text links etc.

After you might corrected the above mentioned issues they can still deny or reject your application especially if your content doesn't add value to users, or is of low quality. And in some places or locations they require that your site must be up to six (6) months old before applying for their program.

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Although Adsense is the most unassailable especially when it comes to monetization, i say so simple because they have the largest ad inventory. So long as pay-per-click ad network determines the cost per click based on bidding. I say so since when more and more advertisers are bidding for the same position the cost per click increase naturally. The same thing is applicable here and that is the reason why Adsense out-performs other on ad networks.

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Please don't misunderstand me here am not saying they are all-in-all, or that you can't make as much as you would without them (Adsense), from other networks. If you understand your inch very well, and you use the right affiliate program, you can still make more you could even make from Adsense. Though i must confess that some of the affiliate programs we have out are not so reliable. Meaning if your ranking drop automatically it will affect your earnings too.

Or if some of the merchant reduce commissions or change their business model is likely to affect your earning as well. Having say all this allow me to present to you some websites you can use to monetize your content in several ways without using Adsense. While some are banner ad, networks (CPM) some are pay-per-click ad networks (CPC) Affiliate networks (CPA) pay to search online, read e-mail, paid guest post either in-text ads or in image ad, depends on the one you chose.

So if Adsense for one reason or another reject your application, or banned you from their program. You can simply consider the following alternative, or simple combine it with adsense for more earning the choice is all yours. Remember online earning doesn't have rules and must not be from one channel or else you will be missing a-lot. And also like i said before you can place ads from the ones am about to mention below they all works well with Google Adsense Ads.

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(1) Yahoo/Bing Network Contextual Ad,, if you ask me from experience is one of the best alternative to Adsense, is powered by Yahoo and Bing network. Bing as of today has share of 18% search market around the world, and they have a wonderful ad inventory, when i started using their ads i discover that their average CPM was better than any
other Adsense alternative.
They Rank 2,374 on Alexa Rank 
Their Minimum Payment Amount is $100 via (PayPal) or $500 via (Wire Transfer)
Network mode Yahoo/Bing Contextual Ads Sign Up

(2) Chitika is also online advertising network or simple Adsense alternative that allow publisher like you and me to display ads on our websites, blog, mobile site, or even apps. One thing i love so much about them is
They rank 2,326 on Alexa Rank,
that they also offers publisher and advertisers users search targeted. And as a publisher you can also refer other publishers to them and earn 10% of their CPC revenue up to 10 months from the approve date.
Their Minimum Payment Amount is $10 via (PayPal) and $50 via (check)
Network mode, Chitika Cost Per Click Sign Up.

(3) Bidvertiser, Just like Chitika they are another top Adsense  alternative, which pays you for valid clicks on ad placed on your website or conversions generated from those clicks.
They rank 1,364 on Alexa Rank
Their Minimum Payment Amount is $10 via (PayPal) or $100 via (Check)
Network Mode, Bidvertiser Cost Per Click Sign Up.

(4) Clicksor Is also one of the best Google Adsense Alternative, their ads are display according to your content simply using their contextual technology. You have choice to set minimum prices for CPC,CPI,CPV,and even CPM ads. They have both Inline Text Links, Pop-Unders, Interstitial ads, Text
Banner, and even Graphical banners. You receive up to 85% of the ad income and also earn extra when you refer others to them or extra 10% when you refer publishers or advertiser to them.
They rank 1.312 on Alexa Rank
Their Minimum Payment Amount is $50 via (PayPal) or $1,000 via (Wire Transfer)
Network Mode Clicksor Cost Per Click, or Cost Per Impression Sign Up.

(5)BuySellAds, Another wonderful advertising network, where publishers can list their ad inventory. And allow you get access to thousands of advertisers through their market place. They also support web, mobile,
Tweets app, and even e-mail.
They rank 2,041 on Alexa Rank
Their Minimum Payment Amount is $20 via (PayPal), $50 via (Check), and $500 via (Wire Transfer)
Network Mode, Cost Per Impression, Fixed Rate Banner Ads, and Tweets Sign Up.

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