Complete Review Of The Most Sophisticated Jolla Tablet

Still haven't gotten your own tablet? well luck you today am going to show you one of the most sophisticated tab out there that you can easily lay your hands on, and is no other tab than Jolla tablet. You remember the company sure you you do, well finally they have come out with another device that is making waving all
around the world. A tablet that's very different to any Android, Windows 10 tablet or even iPad you have
even seen.

Well  packed with another gesture-based operating system called Sailfish, i know many haven't heard of this Operating system Sailfish, no big deal is just like Linux-based platform, that's been developed by the company i mean the former Nokia and Intel employees, evolving from the MeeGo OS that Nokia left some years back. I also understand that this is their first finish tablet.

The device honestly makes a better impression if you ask me than their Jolla Sailfish OS Smartphone did. And honestly they did enough to give Microsoft, Google, Apple, and the rest something to worry about. Thought unlike Apple's tablet, it lacks some stylish exterior and spotless build quality. i said so because mainly looking at the device there's nothing like metal in it, it's an all-plastic through out.

The mixture of the colours also add a flat white plastic on the tablet's trim exactly where you also find the standby button and volume rocker located up on the left hand side. While that of the micro USB charging
port and micro SD card slot are over on the right hand side. The headphone jack is nicely located inside one of the curved corners. Jolla tablet is not that heavy compare to most of the other devices we have in the market, is just at 8.3mm thick and weighing in at 384g, not the slimmest either or the lightest device, but is okay to hold in one hand.

Pretty wild thought but it feels comfortable in palm of hand. There are a-lot of great features about this device starting from the screen, which is 7.85-inch 2048 x 1536 IPS display with 330ppi resolution, coupled with 5megapixel rear camera. Build with Intel Atom Processor Z3735F which is quad-core processor.

Support 2gb RAM. Jolla Tablet comes in two storage option the one of 32/64 and you have option to expand it via microSD card slot up to 128GB. Ship on Linux-based Sailfish OS2.0, and also support Android app. Build with a powerful 4450mAh battery.

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