Complete Review Of Dell Latest Product Dell XPS12 Convertible

The competition has always been intensive, more especially on tech industries. There are products that you just can over look, they have everything you really need at that moment and at very cheap price and one of those product is Dell XPS12. So today am going to break down everything you need to know about the
new Dell product Dell XPS 12. i still believe the device is one of the most exciting laptop at the moment the reason been that is also laptop-cum-tablet, and it join others to arrive this year. Is also one of the prettiest-looking Windows 10 hybrids I've seen talk of the tablet and the keyboard both parts are built from a combination of metal and carbon fibre. Though the combination or the mix makes it look a little like a toy but that not withstanding is a great product to have.

One thing you will notice quickly about the Dell XPS12 is the keyboard. Honestly is a solid dock that you noticeably more comfortable to type on than competing attachable  keyboards. It doesn't flex at all even when met with heavy typing, and the key also felt responsive. Talk of the size of the of the track-pad, is also very responsive. The connector does work, but the lack of a hinge means that the screen can be positioned at only one viewing angle.

This is one of the problem i have with this device since it means i can only use the device on my lap, an awkward experience. Another thing is that the product includes only Thunderbolt 3 connectors. Meaning the
lack of regular connectors is a big problem for those who don't have the correct connector cables. Though they have promise to ship the Thunderbolt to USB-C converter to help mitigate the issue.

Another thing is that those who wishes to connect a USB mouse to the device or any external drive may also find it hard to do so. The lack of that regular inputs also means that the Dell XPS12 isn't compatible with a number of useful Dell add-nos, talk of Dell power pack. But if you happens to have a Thunderbolt connectors then the port will be a blessing, meaning it will offer up to eight times faster transfer speed than regular USB 3.0 connectors.

The company also offer the  device with 4K and full HD 12.5-inch display options. Which the company calls ''InfinityEdge display'' they also refers to the fact that the screen has a miniscule bezel. Close to any other tablet 's front is display real estate. I love the 4K option features is a standout for the hybrid, this alone
differentiates XPS12 from other competitors. Though most users won't notice the difference in sharpness between the two screen options, but the added extra pixels will be a massive boon for creative complete looking for a mobile sketchpad.

The colors are properly calibrated coupled with a scree's the company power Pen support. The FHD screen is also impressing displaying great contrast and colour balance, making it have excellent sharpness. The product runs on a core m5-6Y54 processor, support 8GB Dual LPDDR3 RAM and Intel HD Graphics.

I was also understand that the processor is based on Intel's Skylake which am yet to see another device that uses the same chip, though Intel company's said it will improve the battery life  and performance at least up to 30%. Which if it happens to be true then the device should be a massive step up compared to most other convertible product out there.

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