Complete Review Of Apple iPhone 6S Upgraded

Inasmuch as all know how fast moving innovation the tech industry is believe me sometimes is a predictable thing. And one thing that i have also discover over the years more especially concerning companies like Apple is that they always put 'S' on the end of its last phone then buffs it up with a few added new features
and delivers it to splendid applause. Though if you look at it from different angels its a horrific simplification, of course but the general point stands.

Well the iPhone 6S is the that phone this year, and like usual they added some clever new 'taptic' features, talk of camera  improvement and a radically faster processor to last year's iPhone 6S.
And if you are the type that fancy a change you can now get the device in Rose Gold, and whatever your feeling on the matter, rest assured this another excellent device from Apple.

Lets have a look  at the design. All 'S' phones look like their forbears and the iPhone 6S is no different. talk of the screen, the well curve design are all of the same, but it's excellent for an LCD. The contrast is great and colours are natural. Personal having lived with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ recently it's a pleasure to return to a phone that's comfortable to use in one hand, and also which has volume buttons.

The undoubted highlights is 3D Touch .Like Force Touch , which Apple introduced on the Apple Watch, 3D Touch detects how hard you press on the screen, opening up new interactions for app developers to explore. Thought there are three effectively three levels of pressure, talk of the regular tap, a slightly hard press and one further level beyond it. All depends on the context, will trigger a different action.

Apple also increased the resolution of the iSight Camera (rear) and frontface  HD camera to 12-megapixels and 5-megapixels, that's 50% and over 300% more pixels respectively. Giving you more sharper and clear pictures. And also it means iPhone 6S can record 4K videos at 30fps, which will be great for that 4k TV.

Though i agree there is plenty still to learn about the inner working of the new dual-core chip, a core speed bump  from1.4GHz to 1.8GHz heralds some serious performance improvements.

I also believe most of the improvement or call it upgrade demands exploration and experimentation from users and developers alike.

The device is coupled with 4.7-inch, that is 326ppiLCD, 7.1mm thick, and weight 143g. While the processor is set at 1.8GHz Dual-Core, Support 2gb RAM. The storage have the one of 16/64/128gb While the camera like i said before is 12-megapixels iSight camera and the front one is 5-megapixel HD camera. Ship with iOS.

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