Finally BlackBerry Priv Pics Is official Out

Finally Blackberry company have bowed to Android, with exceptional well curve design smartphone. It was on Friday the company CEO announced the first of their Android-powered Blackberry smartphone and also posted image of much awaited device on his blog. They also offer a much comprehensive glimpse of the
Blackberry Priv. From what can be seen from the picture he post, it shows the distinctive slide-out, well design Qwerty keyboard and also dual-curved display.

Though many believe is likely to be a 5.4-inch QHD number with can be compare to that of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+, Though many also said that the device is
likely to be powered by a Snapdragon 808 CPU coupled with 3gb of RAM, support 18-megapixel camera, Ship with Android 5.1.1 which if you ask me is a turn up for the books in itself. Which i believe strong that the idea is just to provide full access to Google play store whilst also retaining the pure security of BlackBerry's own made platforms.

And they simply calls it a no compromise approach get to find out what that means later. We are still waiting them to tell us more about it and also start selling the product and i will be here to keep you update on the latest development concerning it till then.

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