Google Pixel C Table vidia Tegra X1 SoC Has Been Launched

Finally finally Google have launched their new Nexus smartphones. The much talk about device resemble pixel Chromebook laptops coupled with the design of anodised aluminum. The device is coupled with Android 6.0 Marshmallow based. Though many believe Google Pixel C Tablet was design as answer to
Apple's iPad-pro and also Microsoft's Surface-Pro-3tablets. The device comes in two storage difference that of 32gb and 64gb.

They also built a separately keyboard for comfort of those that find it hard to use on screen keyboard. Thought one can still attach Pixel C tablet to the Google manufactured full size keyboard magnetically and tilted from 100 degrees to 135 degrees, either by Bluetooth or simple attached to the back of the tablet for it store. There are a-lot of features that are included or built with this device.

The screen is set on 10.2-inch that is 2560x1800pixel display. And is
powered by an octa-core Nvidia Tegra X1 SoC with a 256-core Nvidia Maxwell GPU, Couple with 3gb of RAM and also support a SUB type C port, though the negative side about this device is that i really can tell of the camera pixel hopeful to do so as time goes on, but apart from this other things are exceptional and great.

And is the first device from Google that the line up is being expanded with the first Android tablet built end-to-end. And the prices are not that much, the 32gb goes for $499 while the one of 64 goes for $599. Simple CLICK HERE for more info. Those in Nigeria can get it
from Jumia

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