October Free Browsing For Everybody

The month of October is here and today is the 2nd day of the month, of course if there is any thing we need most nowadays personal i think is free browsing since the issue of power supply have tremendously improve what we need now most is how to be connected to internet 24/7 and today am here to show you just simple

steps you can take to enjoy this packages and above all they are all free of charge.

Don't worry you can thank me later that is the reason we are friends. If you are one of those that still uses Glo and Airtel so sorry i have nothing for you here since both of these network provides refuse to be sincere with there customers i believe is better we stay clear from their ways, but in-case you are a die hard customer of them you can simply get their data cheaper from third party. I have a guy that does that well Ayo by name he is very honest and does the business well his number is 07035593898.

Having say that is time we get down to the really business of the day. First i want to say big thank you to Mtn and Etisalat this two giant network provides have over the years push to the wall that we have no choice than to find a way out, and simple server was there to help out. So the really true is that the old setting have not change is still the same way but in-case you are not familiar with them kindly CLICK HERE for the Etisalat free browsing, and CLICK HERE for MTN free browsing setting, and CLICK HERE  for MTN free browsing with VPN. Or better still just install Jumia App on your device and browse with it any time you are buying anything from their site is free of charge

I believe this will keep you busy for the rest of the month thank you and remain bless. In-case you have any question regard to the setting kindly use the comment box and sure answer will be provided.

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