Complete Review Of HP Elite x2 1011 G1

HP company are back with another Sophisticated product/device simple refer to as Elite x2 1011 G. Thought HP's Elite range usually comprises different business laptops, but this particular one honestly mark a change from that category.  First is not just an ordinary laptop like most of them that fill market, This very
one is a hybird  machine with a detachable scree first of it kind and a huge slate of business features.

Honestly i doubt if any single company has yet nailed the hybird from factor, more especially at the end of the market thought you may not agree with me but i know what am saying. The selling point of the device is that of its detachable screen. The very hand behind the design decision that leads to a machine that's more manageable than those devices with rotating hinges.

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 I love the press button in the middle of the keyboard base which release the 11.6-inch plane great technology they have there. I observe that once the tablet is plugged into the base, the weight of the device will increase greatly to 21mm weighting 1.55kg. Though is a well understood fact figures that help the HP duck under Intel's Ultrabook specification.

The machine is made from  aluminium and it looks smart from every angel, coupled with the lid and keyboard surround are also metallic. From every angel you may like view it, is a pure business hybird crammed with
office features. And it also have a small recess at the rear of the device houses a Wacom-compatible stylus  that works with the screen's digitiser a simple boon for graphic designers. The IPS plane also is a full HD resolution.

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The connectivity is very broad, there's dual-band 802.11ac wireless and a 4G ready SIM card slot behind a flap on the rear of the tablet. The microSD connector is there also. Both the base and the tablet have USB 3 port, plus the base unit which is also a home to an SD card slot, couple with a smart card connector, a full sized DisplayPort output and a fingerprint reader.

 It  also have a 5megapixel rear camera coupled with a 2megapixel front shooter featuring a dual microphone array noise cancelling.
There are a-lot of business friendly software's that are included with options to encrypt the hard disk and ask for pre-boot authentication from users. They also installed A TPM 2.0 chip. Clocked to 1.1GHz with a Turbo peak of 2.6GHz.

Thought it has two cores, the Graphics grunt and Broadwell Core M part.
Elite x2 1011 G has Intel Core M-5Y51 processor, Intel HD Graphics 5300, coupled with 8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD, 11.6in 1,920 x1,080 IPS screen, and you also get 3yrs warranty. And if you are in Nigeria you can easily get it from Jumia or Konga the two biggest online shopping mull in the country.

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