No Need Of Skype Accoun Again To Chat Just Jump In And Lets Chat

Finally you can now talk on Skype without  having an account with them Skype announced a change too its service that will  enable anyone to simple jump in on a chat without even requiring a Skype account. They introduce a new tool that makes it easy for Skype members to share a unique URL, allowing every invited
parties to simple jump in on a call regardless of whether they have an account.

You can simply share the URL on places like Facebook, What'sApp, Twitter, or from your e-mail. Once they click on that link it will open a conversation window in Skype for web if you are using computer. Meaning no need for logging in again.
First what those you sent the URL that is guest needs is just to enter their names and then join you text, voice, or video chats. they don't need all that old process of downloading and installing Skype app for their respective devices.

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And for those initiating the conversations can simply do so by clicking the +New button in the newest version of Skype for  Windows, Mac, and also the web. Thought the rolling out feature is only available in UK and the US for now but will reach other location in no distance time.
And for Android, iPad or iPhone. that have Skype install on them all you need is just click on the links and join if you don't wants to register or have account with them.

Like i said early the roll out is only available in Uk and US but in couple of weeks it will reach the rest of the world. In-fact since 2011 Microsoft bough Skype i believe this week alone has been the most important one for them, their universal apps offers a peak into integration within the all-encompassing Messaging app, so i believe is time we chat more on Skype what more are you waiting for join the conversation lets talk about last tech.

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