Latest Of Microsoft low-end Surface Book For gamers

To make sure no stone is left unturned Microsoft tweaked its Surface Book Lineup that are going to be launched this week, a very low-end model designed to attract gamers but well built with better graphics. This very new version of the most basic Surface Book laptop was well design to meet the users demand, this time
around they added a separate Nvidia GeForce Graphics chip unlike the previous ones that rely most on the
graphics tech integrated directly into the model's Intel Corei5 Processor.

Though inasmuch as we know that separate graphics chip usually cost extra but the help endow video games with lavish landscapes and snappy performance worth's it. Many of the GeForce option was well known for high-end Surface Book. But this time around Microsoft did everything possible to make sure that the low-end also have something to lay their hand on not just anything but superior Surface Book, The device has great features like, 8GB RAM and 128GB space of storage.

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This very device if you ask me will transform Microsoft to a company that can be reckon with so long as Laptops are concern. Although Microsoft really don't need introduction, but the true remain that most of us knows them well with Software, apart from their newly introduce Xbox Game Console, Surface tablet they introduce in 2012 and as well as Lumia smartphones that they started building after acquiring Nokia in 2014.

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