Read Why BlackBerry Priv Can Be the Most Secure Android Smartphone Ever

Since the Canadian company BlackBerry launched or will i say showcase their first Android smartphone. A-lot have really been said about the device, thought am not here to continue that, the very reason i want to contribute to the spread information concerning this very device is the aspect of security. Even thought
without been told we all knows that BlackBerry company is well known for the security  of its products, and
services is aspect you simply can't take away from them.

And of course i believe this is the very reason they decided to include one of the most insecure mobile platforms on the their latest product BlackBerry Priv. I understand from November the device will hit shelves, and unlike their other product this very one Priv will be powered by Android Lollipop operating system. They decided this time to combine with Google to produce one of the most secure mobile platform even with the most flexible app ecosystem (Android).

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First they applied Android OS as one of the most important hardware root of trust, a unique manufacturing process that will help them push cryptographic keys into the device hardware, enabling them provide a secure background for the entire platform. To make sure they meet their security target, they also added
''Verified Boot and Secure Bootchain, this use embedded keys in order to check every layer of the device from hardware, OS, even to app making sure that they have not in any way been compromised or even tampered with.

Another of is kind is the inclusion of a ''hardened Linux Kernel,'' which will benefits from numerous patches and configuration changes helping to further strengthening the security. Talk of the FIPS 140-2 compliant full disk encryption which they also added to enabled by default and even one of their most treasured service BES12 is also included.

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You also remember that they confirmed one of they latest app DTEK which helps users to manage and protect their privacy is also included on BlackBerry Priv.

The app DTEK if you remember according to them provides users with information on which apps access their personal data and help show the overall security of their devices especially based on aspect like encryption settings, strength of password, or app installed. Thought this are the very one am very sure of but i believe by the time the device goes on sale more detail will also surface more especially on the aspect of its security.

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