Windows 10 gamers now goes wireless with an Xbox One controller

Since the tech industries are on fast lane, indeed they are not letting anything behind including those that can't do without game be streaming Xbox One games to a PC. All are welcome from the invention of the latest tech or call it hottest PC games on the market using the console's game-pad, all that are forgotten story with
the latest wireless adapter for the Xbox One console, which enable the pad to communicate to a Window 10

And to show all how serious they are they have started shipping the device to retail store all around the world. At least with this introduction instead of being tethered to your Windows 10 desktop, laptop, or tablet gamers like you and me will now be free to roam. They also include up to 8 controllers, four chat headsets, or two stereo headsets, for those seeking to engage in a little multi-player action.

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From what i learn this device is a great aid for those making use of the ability to stream Xbox One games to a Windows 10 PC via the Xbox app. Thought they first announce about the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Window in June promising that it will support both Xbox and Windows. And i can authoritatively say they have live to their words.

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How To Use Xbox Wireless Adapter.
Once you have your Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows, simply insert the adapter into the USB 2.0 or 3.0 portof your Window 10 PC laptop or tablet  and blind the Adapter to your wireless Controller to enable the same gaming experience you are used to on Xbox One. That includes in-game chat and high quality stereo audio.
Those interested can get it from Amazon or Prosperent.

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