Ways To Avoid Hackers Using Radio Waves to Hijack Androids and iPhones via Siri and Google

Wonders shall never end as they say, as fast as technology industries are going hackers on the other end are also moving along. And today Jose Lopes Esteves and Chaouki Kasmi, two security researchers for ANSSI that is (Agence Nationale de la Seccurite des Systemes d'Information) a national agency dedicated to IT
security have created something unimaginable. Thought this is not the first time am seen such but never for
ones taught of things going this far.

They created a special rig that consist of an antenna, a USRP radio, an amplifier, and a laptop that runs the GNU Radio software. First the rig was design in such a way that it sent radio waves to an Android or iPhone with the help of headphones cable, which serves as a receiver that picks up the radio signal and relays them to the operating system's voice recognition software.

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With this simple but mighty method, hackers would be able to silently force any iPhone or Android to carry out malicious actions. More especially when the user is sleeping or not with the phone. And once they are connected anything Siri and Google the voice assistants on iOS and Android, can do the hacker on the other end can also do the same.
Which includes making phone calls, sending texts, installing app, opening Web pages and what have you. Very dangerous if you ask me.

Ways To Avoid Attack On Your Phone And Things You Must Do.

First if you are not using (iPhone 6) or any of the latest iPhone that their Siri versions are set up to recognize the owner's voice. Then you must have to unplugged your headphone anytime you are not using it more especially when you wants to sleep or not around your phone. More especially those headphone with microphone.

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Better still for those that enable voice assistance on their phone you can simply deactivate it when not around since it only work when enabled on the lock-screen. If you are like me that still use older Android or iPhone where Siri can be easily activate by pressing a button on the headphones, to avoid them getting to you simple apply the above mentioned method. CLICK HERE to watch the video for more information.

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