BlackBerry PRIV Apps Now Available To Download For Android Phones


BlackBerry didn't just launch PRIV, they also launch some Android apps few days after that Priv was release to the market, although the apps were all restricted to its first Android smartphone. Inasmuch as those app were listed on Google Play Store at least to make update very much easier for BlackBerry PRIV users, but
the issue remain that those with other Android smartphones still couldn't install this apps on their device.
Inasmuch as is still not clear if the Canadian company (Blackberry) will make any of these apps available to all supported Android phones in the future, but i can authoritatively say here that those who wishes to download this apps can do so if they wish to benefit from what they have to offer.

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Today you can simply follow this LINK that allow any Android user to download the APK of these BlackBerry applications on their devices. Please do remember that some of these apps and services require root,
as well as uninstalling and reinstalling all the unpatched BlackBerry APKs as system apps (BlackBerry Hub).

Inasmuch as today these apps have been cracked to work on any compatible Android device, i must say here that they are not 100% without any issues. While some users have reported that BlackBerry Launcher is still unstable and might crash randomly on certain Android device. But from all i know both the BlackBerry Calendar and Services are working smoothly and don't seem to have any issue running on non-PRIV devices.

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While the likes of Hub, Device Search, Notes, and even Tasks require root in order to work correctly. Also the Keyboard does not require any other Blackberry application to be installed to work properly, meaning you can simply get it without having to install anything else. Though there are other thing you can also learn on your own concerning issue of this least development. Kindly follow this LINK to learn more.

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