Advantages Of Age In Building Wealth

When i was doing some research concerning this very article building wealth. I discover a work that remind me of something we easily do carried away with and that is procrastination. Though am not here today to talk about that but somehow this very article got some part related to that. The very mistake most of us do in life, is first not taking opportunity that present itself to us more especially when we are very familiar with it, secondly allowing time to wait for us, when in reality if indeed we know what we are doing, we are the one who suppose to be waiting for time. Don't worry i will explain everything am even a victim of this too. So am writing and sharing it as a testimony too.

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If for example you are twenty four years of age and working or into business, and you decide you wants to build wealth from scratch, then you task yourself that every month you wants to be saving $ 50-100. Please i must say at this point, even if you are not twenty four may be sixty or whatever you age maybe, please the very idea am trying to bring out here is that today is the best day to start building wealth. No need of wait till tomorrow or next, don't feel bad if i say twenty four after all am not even in my twenties yet i started mine few years back.

Okay back to my story, if this very person who is just twenty four continue saving $100 a month, lets say at 8 percent a year. And after ten years he stops contributing and decided to watch her investment or stake grow. Then another of his friend who decide then that it wasn't a good idea to invest then. '' Please note something here'' he decided not to invest then not because he was blind to the advantages of investing early, but because he wanted to be matured enough before investing which he feel now that he is thirty four is the perfect time to do so.

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So like his friend he decided also to be putting $100 away every month also at the same 8 percent a year. He decided to keep it up until he is 66 that is the retirement age over here. And at 66yrs both of them retire, the first will be putting together far more amount than the second guy, not minding he stopped after ten years but still he will end building more wealth than his friend who decided to start investing at the age of thirty four.

But having said all this may i please still remind you that if you are sixty or seventy and still feel is time you start building wealth please do. That your foundation works will go along way in assisting your children or the future generation in understanding what building wealth is all about, after all the essence of building wealth is not some thing that should varnish once you are no more.

Rather it serves as a stepping stone or if not more than stepping stone but lets take it like that to the future generation. So are you still waiting for tomorrow to start investing, start now and tomorrow will wait for you to reap your vision. To be continued.


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